Nhà (家)

Machiya (町家) Teapot


This Japanese style teapot will bring you to a serene machiya or traditional wooden townhouse in Kyoto, Japan.

In Japanese, machiya is written with two kanji characters: machi (町) meaning "town", and ya (家) meaning "house" or "home". Home to merchants and artisans, many have stood the test of time, fire and earthquakes in its sturdy wooden design.

Like a machiya, this teapot evokes a simple, classic, vintage aesthetic with its smooth carved texture and rustic glaze. It's appealing to the eyes and the touch. If you are looking for a minimalist yet pleasing piece, the natural stone colour and warm golden undertones will suit any 家.

The Machiya Teapot features a ball filter in its interior and will hold 160ml of your favourite tea.

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