Nhà (家)

Machiya (町家) Pot Support


This Japanese style ceramic pot support is a beautiful and functional addition to any collection.

Reminiscent of Kyoto, Japan's machiyas or traditional wooden townhouses. Machiya is written with two kanji characters: machi (町) meaning "town", and ya (家) meaning "house" or "home". Once home to merchants and artisans, many have stood the test of time, fire and earthquakes in its sturdy wooden design.

Like a machiya, this stand is made to last years of use. The glossy and matte glaze create a stone-like texture with a warm copper rustic aesthetic. The convenient moat and spout allow for easy drainage after rinsing your tea from its first steep. Its round shape is comfortable to hold and is a pleasing piece to display a teapot in any 家.

The Machiya Pot Support is a perfect pair with our Machiya Teapot.

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