Nhà (家)

Karesansui (枯山水) Tea Board


This ceramic tea board's design is inspired by the peaceful rock gardens of Kyoto Japan.

Also referred to as zen gardens, these gardens were created in the quaint Zen Buddhist temples of the Muromachi period. Careful and thoughtful arrangements of rocks, moss, trees, pruned bushes, and raked sand represent rippled water. They were created to imitate the essence of nature, not mimic the appearance, but to serve as an aid to meditation and to ponder the true meaning of existence. 

The Karesansui Tea Board reflects the raked sand in rock gardens in its grainy grooves, circular patterns and earthly tones. These grooves also serve a functional purpose by distributing any excess drips of tea during a session. The ceramic material makes it durable and easy to clean and the rubber feet provide grip and helps prevent scratches to the surface it is placed on.

Meditate over a smooth cup of green tea with our Karesansui Tea Board.

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