Nhà (家)

Huanglong Mountain Tea Pet


A modern tea pet that will remind you of the prosperous city of Yixing, where Yixing clay originates from. 

A tea pet (茶宠) is a small figurine that tea lovers keep for good luck. Created alongside Yixing teapots, artisans started to mould figures of mythical creatures and animals for tea drinkers. In the Yixing region, Huanglong Moutain has been the source of high-quality Yixing clay for centuries. While quite ordinary, the mountain is over 350 million years old.

The Huanglong Mountain Tea Pet is a modern take on a classic. Like a Yixing teapot, as you rinse the tea pet with tea, it will absorb the qualities of the tea and slowly become glossier.

Rinse your tea pet only with freshwater to retain its coating and allow it to air dry. Do not use soaps or abrasive materials when washing.

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