Nhà (家)

Dark Mala Necklace


What do you pray and hope for? Are your prayers a fleeting routine? A simple list you make on the back of a notepad? Or are they complex, difficult ideas that you tirelessly wrestle with?

Prayer beads are almost a universal prayer item in all prominent religions including Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Sikhism, Buddhism, Judaism, and Baha’i Faith. These beads are used to recite chants, prayers, or devotions. In the Eastern Buddhist tradition, one runs their fingers over each of the 108 beads, one by one, slowly counting their blessings. 

Take some time for piercingly deep prayer, counting your infinite blessings with each one of our 108 deep prayer beads. 

To be used for prayer and worn as an accessory.

108 beads of beautiful, black polished wood. 

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