Nhà (家)

Chinese Caligraphy Set (3pc)

$25 $35

Bored at home? Here's a unique and fun hobby that's easy for you to start!

  • Write your friend's names and mail them some great art for their homes
  • Reconnect or connect with Chinese heritage through the ancient art of Calligraphy
  • Start a new hobby that will keep you busy

Chinese calligraphy has a long tradition of being appreciated for its aesthetic quality and is today regarded as one of the arts (Chinese 藝術/艺术 pinyin: yìshù) in the countries where it is practised. Chinese calligraphy focuses not only on methods of writing but also on cultivating one's greater character (品).

The smooth strokes of these super soft-bristled brushes will present to you moments of calm, bliss, and stillness, in today's chaotic world.

This lovely set includes:

  • three brushes
  • a bottle of our onyx black Ink
  • 50 pieces of blank rice paper to get started for free

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