In preparation for our manufacturing run in April 2020, we are looking for long-term partners in these 3 categories.

i. Art producers/Creatives.

As creatives ourselves, our priority is to be engaged in as much art production as possible, in place of traditional advertising. An optimal engagement would happen like this: our art directors delve into issues worth exploring, hand-picking creatives to deliver world-class East-Asian content only possible by that particular configuration of talent. Prospect creatives, and content to be delivered, will be heavily researched.

Category is currently not open to public.

ii. Influencers.

We are looking for influencers aged 22-35, with an engaged 10k-25k following (Instagram) or 5k-10k (Youtube). The ideal partner is engaged with their audience in conversations of East-Asian Identity, belonging, and integration. They are warm, and community oriented people interested in our mission of exploring and returning home to East-Asian values.

We're pretty proud of our unique influencer model, which focuses on conversation, co-creation, and profit-sharing. Ask us about this.

Category is OPEN TO PUBLIC here.

iii. Content aggregators:

If you publish unique, niche content relating to East-Asian art, culture, or history, we'd love to work with you. We're looking for old photography pieces, and other interesting art that illuminates the historical movement of the Diaspora. Open to instagram pages, galleries, and academic work.

Category is OPEN TO PUBLIC here.


Fit into another category and need to work with us? Chat here


Director/Producer - Mark Nguyen

Digital Marketing - Kim Nguyen

Art Direction/Research - Riss Yeung

Data/Analytics - Danil Yachmenev 

Product Curation - Sasha Aneneva

Sales Operations (Vietnam) - Thien Hoang 

Manufacturing (Vietnam) - Hung Nguyen