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Unique to Nhà is our structure of business. As an employee-owned social enterprise, we have not only the will to engage and improve lives, but the resources to do so. Our earnings distribution model is holistic, and prioritizes reinvestment into people. 

Everything from the raw materials, to the craftsmanship, to the shipping to your home, is carefully considered. This level of control costs much more, and causes us more headache. But in doing so, we are able to be more conscious in the work we do and its effects in nature. 

We produce our products using Patagonia’s the cradle to cradle recycling strategy. As we are also in the durable goods industry, it’s in our best interest to work with the finest materials, so that our products can be thoroughly enjoyed for lifetimes. 

Our efforts are reflected directly in our expenditures: *20% materials / 30% labour / 10% customs, taxes / 15% reinvested profits / 10% product recycling program / 15% local education programs. *approximation.

April 2020 Production Run

We look to make 3 types of products available:

i. Cultural education products: modern guides, books. 
ii. Lifestyle goods: tea sets, lanterns, furniture.
iii. Ritualistic products: incense, altars, prayer bowls.
*ii) will be manufactured in-house. iii) will be produced with partner suppliers. 

We look to engage with 3 communities:

i) Digital skills for youth in Hanoi, Vietnam.
ii) East-Asian arts organizations in Melbourne, Paris. 
iii) China-town community organizations in New York, Toronto, SF.