Like wine and leather, our clays get better over time.

In fact, our Essential Earths Collection is made from Yixing Clay, known for its gradual, absorptive properties. This means that it will absorb the tea that you steep, gradually releasing flavour into future infusions. Your set then develops a subtle, but unique flavour profile. 

We’ve made these pots with the intention that they be used for a lifetime - then passed on generationally. The pots are fired at over 1300C, hundreds of degrees hotter than the average pot you might find. This higher temperature and careful attention creates a tougher clay. 

See our Essential Earths teapot collection here.

With that in mind, there are three care tips:

  1. Don’t drop it! This may seem obvious, but ceramics are especially sensitive to physical force. Besides, most obvious things are important ;P
  2. Cleaning. While our materials are dishwasher safe, we’d rather have you hand wash them with a warm, soapy cloth in order to prevent scratches to your beautiful set. 
  3. Use often. We don’t want our goods to be left on a shelf to die alone. If you’re not using your set, it can make a nice gift! 

Additional Care - After a few months of regular use, an easy way to revitalize your glazed ceramics is boiling them in water. This can be done by placing your ceramic piece in a large pot filling it with cold water until it covers the ceramics. Bring the water to a boil for a few minutes. Remove the pot from heat and allow the pot to slowly cool down before removing your ceramics. This can help reduce surface scratches on your glaze as the boiling water will smooth its glaze. This will not repair large chips or deep scratches, only reduce surface scratches from regular use.