What is Nhà?
Nhà is an East-Asian Lifestyle brand specializing in teaware, accessories, and furnishings. Through our products, we explore the values of family, virtue, and home. Nhà means home in Vietnamese. Our materials are made in Vietnam and China, and our team is located internationally.
Nhà is a dynamic, for-profit social venture aimed at producing East-Asian cultural education products and lifestyle goods for the East-Asian Diaspora, and looking to bring digital education to developing neighbourhoods in Vietnam. 
What is Nhà's mission?
After seeing many Asian brands and organizations positioning themselves as purely East vs. West, we wanted to create something that highlights the diversity and sublime in East-Asian cultures. Like being reborn in Asia with fresh eyes, a blank slate. We are in a unique position to unify the world by educating ourselves and like-minded individuals of the values, traditions, philosophy, and history from East-Asia. Join our journey with fresh new eyes. 
Nhà (家) is home.